Do You Have a Wellbeing Toolbox?

I came across the following post on Facebook entitled “Coping Toolbox”.

A coping toolbox is basically a collection of your favourite things that you can access when you are feeling stressed, anxious or upset. I often refer to it as a “wellbeing toolbox” in my work with clients.

I’m wondering what sort of things help you to feel better, calm or more grounded when you’re feeling stressed, anxious or de-stabilised? What things might you think of putting in or adding to your “toolbox”?

You will see lots of lovely items in the “toolbox” below, some of which may also make up a part of your own “toolbox”. Are there any additional items you can think of or might want to add? Maybe you’ve never thought of having your own “wellbeing toolbox” before. If not, can I invite you to think about putting one together? It can be a really useful resource to have.

One of the great things about counselling &/or psychotherapy is that we can acquire new skills & tools to add to our “toolbox”, like breathing techniques, grounding techniques, & techniques to help us challenge our negative thought processes – all of which can be accessed when we’re feeling stressed, anxious or de-stabilised.

I’d be really interested to hear about your favourite &/or healthy items that resource you when you’re feeling distressed.