New Year Resolutions

With New Year round the corner many of us may be thinking of making a resolution. The cultural significance we attach to New Year can be helpful in giving us a psychological boost – some extra impetus to stick to a diet, cut down on cigarettes or cycle to work for example.

It’s good to make the most of an opportunity that only comes round once in a while, but it’s also important that we don’t let it become an emotional burden. Like everything in life, we can get much more benefit if we take our individual circumstances and needs into account and set realistic goals for ourselves.

Making lifestyle changes like stopping smoking or giving up chocolate can present an enormous challenge. It certainly isn’t impossible to make major adjustments like these, but we need to choose our time carefully and make an ongoing commitment which would be very hard to maintain at times.

If you feel that this would be the right time for a big change I wish you the very best of luck! However for most of us it would be more productive to set a small goal which we can enjoy trying to meet – to eat more salad, to go for walks or maybe to see friends more often.

Remember that no matter what happens it’s important to be kind to yourself, to have fun, and don’t beat yourself up too much if you don’t manage to make the changes you want this time round.