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Business Coaching & Consultancy

In this current economic climate, there is considerable pressure on both employer and employee. All employees - workers & managers alike - need to feel valued, respected, appreciated & listened to. Having worked in Health & Social Care for many years however, I am very aware of the pressure both managers & workers are under to deliver a high quality service to clients, when faced with increasingly limited resources and budget cuts. This inevitably has a knock-on effect on both workers and managers in terms of staff morale & productivity.

Employers have a responsibility to ensure that all staff have access to the kinds of support they need in order to maintain good health, both physically & mentally. Given the increasing pressures that employees are under, it is even more imperative that employers provide an environment conducive to growth, development & good mental wellbeing. With this in mind, I offer a number of services to employers, which are designed to support employees to feel valued, respected & able to develop to their full potential.

Employee Assistance Programmes - I offer a block of 6-10 counselling sessions for employees of all levels. The number of sessions is negotiable.

Health & Wellbeing Workshops - I provide stress control workshops which focus on various topics specific to mental health, for example: stress and anxiety management.

Business Coaching - I offer business coaching to employers, which can take a variety of different forms depending on what you require. This may involve working with managers directly to promote a positive working environment. It may also involve working with a team of employees with regard to a particular issue that has developed. For example: where there has been a break down in communication between workers and management, I can work with you both to explore your current situation, whilst supporting you to develop more effective ways of listening & communicating. This might involve looking at boundaries, & supporting your team to think about how to develop healthier boundaries, & manage conflict.

In my work, whether with individual clients or working with a team of people, I draw on various models and concepts from Transactional Analysis to provide employees with "tools" to learn about themselves & others, whilst working with them to increase their ability to understand others frame of reference. In addition, I will support employees to think about how they can develop creative thinking to solving issues/difficulties.

Why Commission Me?

  • I can offer a professional, independent assessment about your organisation/team, & in so doing, support your organisation/team's development;
  • I can support your employees in finding more effective ways of communicating & listening to each other. As communication & morale improves, so too will productivity;
  • I can support your organisation to fulfil its full potential;
  • I can teach & provide your employees with tools & strategies to learn about themselves & how they relate to others.

What Happens Next?

Should you decide to commission me, a number of things will happen -

  • I will arrange a meeting with you in order to assess your situation - this will involve exploring & understanding what the main issues are, coupled with learning what it is you would like by way of outcome & why;
  • As an experienced & skilled psychotherapist, my questions will be designed to provide you with a safe space to explore what you want from me as a facilitator;
  • Having spent time talking with you, I will design the appropriate intervention/s and send you my proposal for the best way forward. My interventions will be designed to support both individual employees & your organisation as a whole;
  • Once you have agreed the proposal we then establish dates for the work to begin;
  • Having agreed upon a proposal with you as the commissioning agent, I will contract with your employees at the beginning of any piece of work about what our work together will look like. This process is designed to ensure all participants are on board and to clarify goals and areas of responsibility with each other, as well as with myself as the facilitator;
  • The delivery of service will depend on the team & context. However, all the work I do is designed to promote more effective communication & to increase higher productivity;
  • I also offer follow-ups whereby action plans & goals are revisited.

If you'd like to find out more in terms of what I offer & my consultancy fees, please feel free to call me directly on 07842613004 or send me an email to

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